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Living with chronic illness wasn't easy

Feeling tired, run down and exhausted was my everyday life when I was dealing with my chronic illnesses. 

I am a wife and mom of 4 who knows the struggle healthy living with a full home. In 2014 I was sick, exhausted, wheelchair bound and out of hope. I had out of control diabetes, severe RA and a host of other autoimmune issues. I had followed doctors orders, been on practically every diet under the sun, even a trial that included eating beans 6 times a day! Nothing helped, no diet, no medication kept me from getting sicker. Then a friend invited me to an online keto challenge and in just 3 weeks, it absolutely changed my life. By the end of the challenge, my pain was gone! I was up and about using a cane and quickly didn't need that either as my RA went into remission. My a1c dropped from 11.7 to 5.9 at my next office visit (it's 4.9 now!) I adopted the ketogenic lifestyle as a way to control my chronic illnesses and lost over 120 pounds in the process. It changed my life so much that I had to help others get their lives back too, first as a keto coach and now as a certified nutritionist and ketogenic living expert. I am committed to helping busy women fuel their bodies with real, full fat, whole foods, so they can become the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves.

Shawn takes all the guess work out of healthy living, making cooking, prepping and planning nutritious meals for your family simple and straightforward. I can help you curb your sugar addiction, regain your energy and clear up brain fog.

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Shawn Carroll Morris is a nutritionist and ketogenic lifestyle expert who has helped hundreds of women take control of their health. 


  • Certified Nutritionist
  • Certified Ketogenic Living Nutrition Coach
  • Certified CanFitPro Provider
  • Certified ISSA Approved Provider
  • Certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Provider
  • Certified Athletics and Fitness Association of America Provider


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